1. Are all followers real?

    Nobody guarantees 100% real followers, even if they do then they are surely lying. There are many bot accounts on instagram and so there is always a chance that a bot account is added in followers. Though we guarantee that 95%+ followers are real 🙂

  2. What will be refund policy?

    Once account is delivered to you then we hold no guarantee for account. If anything happens to account in first login then we will sort the matter out or if account gets banned(in 1st login) then we will refund you whole amount. Remember that you should try the 1st login for account within 48 hours and if it gets banned then only you will get 100% refund.

  3. What is exact time for account delivery?

    In most cases, login details will be sent to you within 1-2 hours but maximum you have to wait for details is 18 hours.

  4. I have to purchase an account. What will be next step?

    You can add me on skype: rbathija4 for faster communication or email me at support@lowcostigaccounts.com.

  5. What payment method do you accept?

    We accept paypal and bitcoin.